Thrills like White Elephants

Thank god I finally have a blog where I can write my cheesy puns in peace. I was working on a staging job which called for much more furniture than I had hazardously stacked in my storage space. So a trip to my favorite thrift store in Palm Springs was in order. I can never go with out buying something from this shop, and alas, I came away with this large vintage elephant table.

It’s sort of Pier One-meets-Golden-Girls, where Blanche marries a former colonialist on safari and this table is on her “African” themed lanai kind of piece. The couple next to me assured me that it was “fabulous,” but it now sits shoved in a corner mocking me. When my husband and I talk about the “elephant in the room,” it’s literally this one!

I tried a little rehab, which looked like this:


So now it’s more of a child’s nursery room table in a world where one¬†puts loosely set glass- topped tables in a room where children play. That trunk could poke an eye out! For my next attempt I’m thinking fuchsia,¬†olive green or even gold? I still think it could make an excellent entry table, or you know, a Craigslist “it’s on the curb now so come get it” ad.


2 Comments on Thrills like White Elephants

  1. Celia
    June 4, 2014 at 9:41 pm (5 years ago)

    if you ever give up on that table, I will gladly take it off your hands


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