The Rope-A-Dope DIY

This is an old post from my tumblr but I thought it deserved a second life here. Read on if you are willing to consider boxing metaphors and preppy McPrepperton stylings….

L2I hated my old white lamp. Nothing wrong with it, I was just bored. So I decided to let George Foreman pummel me until he was so exhausted that he bought me a new lamp.

Actually, I realized that I could easily fit my lamp into an old vase I hardly use. I have been looking for something more masculine for my apartment, and thought of nautical rope.

A quick trip to Home Depot provided the 20 feet of rope I would need. 20 feet! I had figured I’d need 5 feet. Goes to show that coiled snakes are much longer than they appear. (Yikes!)



I coiled the rope around the lamp rope-a-dope style,  pushing it flush with the sides of the vase. I made sure to pull the cord up as I worked. When done, I secured the cord down the side of the vase with tape. It’s not pretty, but it will always face a wall.L5


Now I have a new lamp that can always be reverted back to a boring white lamp and a vase should that huge flower delivery arrive when I win my next match.

*Spoiler Alert,* Over a year ago, A accidentally bumped into this lamp and it smashed into a million pieces. He saw me writing this post now and asked me what ever happened to this lamp. He completely forgot he broke it.  That’s what I like to call a POWER MOVE.



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