Palms Condo Staging

My client had already moved into his new place when he enlisted me to stage his old condo in Palms. The unit was desperately in need of some light, and some streamlined furniture that complements the contemporary feel of the space. I loved working on this job and the quick sale led me to believe I helped a little.


Palms CondoAFTER:

C5I painted the entire space white for a clean new look. The idea was to bounce the light coming in from the patio and create an airy feel. While I couldn’t do anything about the wall air conditioning unit, (why is it up so high?) I tried to play up the lovely stone fireplace. I added an easy to remove fabric hanging from the flat screen mount. Listen, I hate TVs taking over nice architectural details, but it’s obviously what most buyers would do here. My job is to create a welcoming space that gets you in the open house, not try to change the way people want to live. I think it was a good compromise.




C2Light, light, light! My baroque mirror fit the space shockingly well. I painted it black from white for more contrast and to tie in the vintage chairs I borrowed from my landlord. (He had these beauties tucked away for 40 years!) I made a terrarium from the biggest fish bowl ever and threw in my good old trusty cowhide. The curtains belonged to the client so I couldn’t let out the hem. In a perfect world I would have them break on the ground.

Here’s a few more shots from the job. I used blue accents through out to mix up the black.

Palms Condo

Palms Condo



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