My friend for life, Joe Holt, wrote, directed and starred in Noel, a beautiful film about strangers and the fleeting possibility of love. I would do anything to help him and for his shoot I was a general PA doing whatever anybody needed on a moment’s notice. I was also playing a small role as a nurse. I ended up leaving my costume on all day, so I would run errands as a PA, then jump back into my role as “Nurse.” I can’t begin to explain all the amazing things that happened to me as a fake nurse in LA that day. I’m writing this here as a reminder to myself to tell this story the next chance I get. Gauntlet, meet Thrown.

Christmas in Pioneertown


Decorating a Joshua Tree proved problematic….do you have any idea how sharp their points are? I read a crazy Karen Russell story in The New Yorker about a woman who’s pricked by a joshua tree on a hike with her husband. Afterwords, she convinces him to move to Joshua Tree and she plants herself in the kitchen with her hands pointed up to the sky. This is exactly what happened after I hurt myself while decorating this tree. But with swearing. Lots of swearing. 

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