Outdoor Staging

An Outdoor RedoThis client needed her home staged for a large party. After working on the interiors we realized the outdoor setup could use some work, too. We knew the guests would gravitate to the deck but it wasn’t particularly inviting for groups of people or mingling. The patio furniture was lined up, as it was probably displayed by the manufacturer, Pottery Barn, I think, but I wanted to see if there was another option. Sometimes you just need to look at something with a fresh eye. An Outdoor Redo Staging your home outdoors is much like staging your home inside. My goal was to find a way to create a sitting area where conversation could flow and people could easily set their drinks down. I broke up the seating with end tables creating areas for sitting. I added an indoor/outdoor rug from Cost Plus on the diagonal to draw the eye in. It looked great moved to the corner of the deck and was immediately accessible walking out of the house. An Outdoor Redo

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