Joshua Tree Highlands Artist Residency

Ever since I read Jonathan Ames’s Wake Up Sir I have been fascinated by the world of artist residencies. I daydream about a life where you get a little cottage to yourself in which to write or make art and someone drops off little sandwiches for you. Then at night you join all the other artists at the manor to get drunk and have intelligent conversations that don’t involve subjects like The Wakefield Twins or Normcore.

A couple weeks ago A and I checked out the beautifully renovated Joshua Tree Highlands Artist Residency cottage for a show. The artists in residence were Seth Olinsky and Ali Beletic. We checked out their paintings and gorgeous desert-inspired sculpture.

We learned a little bit more about their label, Lightning Records. The Lightning Quarterly International sounds like a cool project. Seth played a thrillingly loud psychedelic set that I loved. At the time I didn’t realize that he is a member of Akron/Family working on his side project, Cy Dune. Good, good stuff.

Nobody dropped off sandwiches, however. Actually, Seth and Ali’s previous project involved giving away free bags of hand roasted coffee. That was cool, as was this ice fire and cactus in a hat. It’s the small things, people.

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