Happy New Year

I hope you all had a happy new year! We awoke on New Years Eve to a gorgeous blanket of snow. There’s nothing like opening your eyes to all white. I needed sunglasses inside with all the light bouncing off the snow.


snow1We were invited to a friend’s house party to ring in the new year, but got lost along the way on the dirt roads in our neighborhood, an easy thing to do considering there are no street signs. Without cell service to double-check the directions, we just guessed and drove up a steep, snowy driveway on the side of a serious hill. The homestead cabin at the top had a porch light burning, so we were cautiously optimistic.

Not wanting to get shot, I called out “Hello, is this Kelly’s house?” The front door opened and a stranger answered. Now here’s where the story goes totally “Pioneertown.” The guy insisted we come inside to warm up and he’d help us find our way. Andre tried to protest, but the man said “It’s really too cold out here to figure this out, come inside and have some scotch.” It sounded a little crazy, but his adorable dogs ran around our feet and next thing you know, I was drinking scotch and talking to the man’s wife, a former monk from Burma, with their white dog curled up in my lap. She had traveled to Joshua Tree maybe fifteen, twenty years ago and stayed after falling in love with the desert and her husband. I snuck this shot of Andre inside their cabin, laughing at our weird predicament.


Our neighbors were charming people. Nothing like showing up unannounced on someone’s doorstep to get a real measure of a person. We toasted to the new year, as well as to new friends, then made our way on to the original party, which involved too many margaritas and Cards Against Humanity. Here’s hoping for a new year full of surprises.

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