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We All Start Somewhere

We All Start Somewhere

CEO and fashion powerhouse Katherine Power recently posted an inspiring photo on Instagram that showed the first ever post for her website, Who What Wear. It was a piece about leather jackets showing an assortment of models and celebrities sporting the cool accessory. Was it groundbreaking? Hardly. Was the artwork forgettable? Absolutely. Did it matter? Not in the least. Power and her partner kept at it, little by little, and now Who What Wear is an incredible fashion resource full of stylish design and great tips. I check it daily. Thinking about firsts steps reminded me of my first ever staging job- a loft downtown LA in the bank district. It was 2007 and I was obsessed with Flor tiles. I think we all were.

The loft was empty and had some unflattering metallic silver paint on the window trim. I painted it white for a brightening, streamlining effect and then I added this hodgepodge of furniture, embarrassingly enough some of it was collected from street curbs before trash day.

Start Somewhere

You can barely make out the tip of the “chandelier” I made, consisting of pleasantly shaped twigs and palm fronds tied together and spray painted white. Yup. That’s how fancy I got. Want to hear something even crazier? When this loft sold (with multiple offers) the buyer actually put in the contract that the wood chandelier must stay. Some lawyer wrote that. In a contract. About my pile of spray painted twigs. I still blush thinking about it. And then there’s this gem in the bedroom:

Starting Somewhere

I was really into Phillipe Starck at the time and wanted to try out the regency look, so I SEWED this bizarre canopy with a zebra accent. I remember now it was a shower curtain from Target. Can you imagine anyone actually sleeping in something like this? It’s so embarrassing, but it did look pretty empty before:

Starting Somewhere

So there you have it. This dark, gloomy apartment facing an air shaft, next to a generator that ran 24/7 still sold with multiples. That’s LA real estate for you, but I like to think that someone still might be coming home to turn on their little woodland chandelier and bask in the fantasy of living in a remote cabin. Just kidding. That’s like totally rotted by now.

We all start somewhere. I’d like to think that I’ve gotten better all these years and projects later, but honestly, some days it still feels as hard as the afternoon I first walked into this loft with nothing but a paintbrush, a bevy of trash furniture, and the Flashdance soundtrack to sustain me. But we keep on. And that is what makes the difference.

Outdoor Staging

An Outdoor Redo

An Outdoor RedoThis client needed her home staged for a large party. After working on the interiors we realized the outdoor setup could use some work, too. We knew the guests would gravitate to the deck but it wasn’t particularly inviting for groups of people or mingling. The patio furniture was lined up, as it was probably displayed by the manufacturer, Pottery Barn, I think, but I wanted to see if there was another option. Sometimes you just need to look at something with a fresh eye. An Outdoor Redo Staging your home outdoors is much like staging your home inside. My goal was to find a way to create a sitting area where conversation could flow and people could easily set their drinks down. I broke up the seating with end tables creating areas for sitting. I added an indoor/outdoor rug from Cost Plus on the diagonal to draw the eye in. It looked great moved to the corner of the deck and was immediately accessible walking out of the house. An Outdoor Redo

Palms Condo Staging

Palms Condo Staging

My client had already moved into his new place when he enlisted me to stage his old condo in Palms. The unit was desperately in need of some light, and some streamlined furniture that complements the contemporary feel of the space. I loved working on this job and the quick sale led me to believe I helped a little.


Palms CondoAFTER:

C5I painted the entire space white for a clean new look. The idea was to bounce the light coming in from the patio and create an airy feel. While I couldn’t do anything about the wall air conditioning unit, (why is it up so high?) I tried to play up the lovely stone fireplace. I added an easy to remove fabric hanging from the flat screen mount. Listen, I hate TVs taking over nice architectural details, but it’s obviously what most buyers would do here. My job is to create a welcoming space that gets you in the open house, not try to change the way people want to live. I think it was a good compromise.




C2Light, light, light! My baroque mirror fit the space shockingly well. I painted it black from white for more contrast and to tie in the vintage chairs I borrowed from my landlord. (He had these beauties tucked away for 40 years!) I made a terrarium from the biggest fish bowl ever and threw in my good old trusty cowhide. The curtains belonged to the client so I couldn’t let out the hem. In a perfect world I would have them break on the ground.

Here’s a few more shots from the job. I used blue accents through out to mix up the black.

Palms Condo

Palms Condo